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    2. About BOTE
      Company Profile

      Yuyao Bote water purification equipment factory in the original Yuyao City Bode water purification plant on the basis of the re-development of professional fast connector manufacturers. Main products for the water purifier quick connector, reverse osmosis water machine quick connector, pipeline machine quick connector, water dispenser quick connector, pipeline water purifier quick connector and so on. 

      • 1
        Main body Material:POM
      • 2
        Claw Material : POM With stainless steel ruler
      • 3
        Card cap Material:POM
      • 4
        Double seal Material : Dingqing rubber

      WHY BOTE

      The products ofour factorv made the FDA, but also globally recognised made national CDC inspect -ion report sue, warmly welcome new and old customers to visit us and negotiate with us!




      Company News 

      Contact:Mr. Li Mobile:086-13505781643
      Tel:086-574-62387776 Fax:086-574-62387775
      Address:No.1 East Chuangke Road, Wuma Industrial Park, Lubu Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

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      8:00 - 18:00

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